summer party planning

food: catered by SpaHa Cafe

food: catered by SpaHa Cafe


I’m finally able to sit down and share the details for the summer party I mentioned here. I was on the Planning Committee with two other amazing tenants that made the whole experience a lot of fun. As I mentioned before, we had a tiny budget but I think we pulled it off wonderfully. People in my co-op are still buzzing about how much fun it was. I highly encourage everyone to get out and meet their neighbors. Plan your own party and have fun doing it. 

And if you find yourself planning something, here is one tip: be open to change. I always say this, then I always forget this and then somehow I find myself in a bind remembering what I swore I wouldn’t forget – be open to change. Example, we had a color pallet pretty early in the planning stages. Then after a search for beverage buckets I found a sweet deal at Bed Bath and Beyond for some dirt cheap buckets that were perfect in every way. As in great summer colors, an ideal size and priced perfectly at $5. They weren’t in our color scheme so we come up with a new color scheme that I even ended up liking more. It was so much easier to adapt to the situation and accept the change. In the process we saved money which is always ideal in these tight economical times we live in.

I know with myself, I often have these ideal images pretty quickly in the planning process. Then I want to stick to it and see that image come to life. But somewhere, somehow I always get a curve ball. Life is just so much more pleasant.. so much more beautiful if you just roll with the curve ball.

I didn’t get to take as many photos as I had hoped but I think this gives you a good sense of our summer soiree. 

decor: balloons in red, yellow and blue

decor: balloons in red, yellow and blue


balloons, beverages and buckets

balloons, beverages and buckets


wine: trader joe's

wine: trader joe's


dessert table

dessert table

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4 Responses to “summer party planning”

  1. Chris@Celebrations At Home Says:

    Super Cute Party!

  2. ramada Says:

    ohh. are those all your cake stands?

  3. beautifuliving Says:

    Yes, they are. Crazy, no? I have a few more that were not used for the party and of course, I want loads more.

  4. summer co-op party : Party Perfect Says:

    […] shared this super summer-y party thrown by the co-op board of her building. What a wonderful (and beautiful) way to bring neighbors […]

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