i’m (almost) speechless


the iMac
the iMac

This should be interesting.

I just got back from the Apple Store. My husband and I purchased a new computer on our lunch breaks. We’ve had the same computer for 10 years and I’m pretty certain it’s about to die any day now. Did you catch that, 10 years! To say she’s slow is an understatement.


The thing is, I’ve actually never used an iMac. Never! I’ve asked lots of questions and I’ve been to the Apple Store a lot but in all those visits I never actually did much aside from talk (and ask a lot of questions). I know I want an iMac and I know an iMac is right for us but damn – this might be one long ass learning curve.

Tonight we’re packing up the little one for a trip to the Apple Store. We need to hand over our PC so they can transfer over our iTunes. It should take a day or so which means I’m about to be completely computer-less. And since it’s the weekend I can’t say when I’ll make the treck from our home to the store to pick-up our new computer. It’s fine though. My head is swimming in stuff so it’s probably for the best. Maybe I’ll even find my sanity during these next computer free days. 

Have a good weekend folks!


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2 Responses to “i’m (almost) speechless”

  1. granada Says:

    I’ve often thought computer-free might be a good thing. I actually had several weeks where I did not allow myself to turn on the computer until 9pm, and then only for 2 hours. I was much more productive! Of course, I didn’t keep it up.

    Anyway, I think you’ll really enjoy your Mac. I’m a total Machead and have only used Macs at home. Most PC people, once they get the hang of it, love their Mac. 🙂

  2. beautifuliving Says:

    I hear you. I’m already getting so much done but at some point I’ll have to go back to me real life where I get on the computer a lot more then am… and then what. I really need a balance and to edit out some of the less rewarding things I do in order to free up time.

    And if I have a Mac question… you might be getting emailed. 😉

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