beautiful living

Amy Atlas Events via Amy Atlas

Amy Atlas Events via Amy Atlas

Amy Atlas Events via Amy Atlas

Amy Atlas Events via Amy Atlas


My nanny, who you might recall my son is OBSESSED with, will be sitting for us on Sunday. This means we are officially in for Sunday Supper. I think I need to holler “score!” one more time. Oh, and can I share the Moroccan Feast Menu that we’ll be cooking up.


pan seared harissa brushed lemon sole filet, parsley and mint puree, lemon cilantro yogurt sauce

tajine w/chicken, preserved lemon and cracked olives

coriander and feta polenta

roasted beet salad with fresh mint

fig and sesame tart with orange cardamom cream

Doesn’t it sound lovely!

Now here’s the thing. I’m so not creative about what I eat and yes, I’m a bit picky. I’m not really into feta, beets or figs. Those just aren’t my thing BUT I’m all about the experience which is what I’m most looking forward to.

Forgive me, I just lied. That’s the second most important thing I’m looking forward to. Most important, getting to see an Amy Atlas table in persons. I hadn’t mentioned it but she’ll have a dessert table at the Sunday Supper. And even though she never got back in touch with me after my love letter I still adore her work.


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One Response to “beautiful living”

  1. joanna goddard Says:

    so wonderful to meet you! xo

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