home decor: craft space

image via flickr bitsandbobbins

image via flickr bitsandbobbins


This image makes me swoon.

I think I’m useless to most things right now. I’m so consumed with my thoughts and ideas that I feel checked out of most everything. One of the few comment worthy things floating in my head right now is that I want to form a work space for crafts and such within the 1000 square feet I call home. It’s exciting to think of but given our limited space a lot of things have to occur to make this work and all the details are draining.

The only feasible place to put this work space is our bedroom. I’m fine with this but we’ll have to move our bed near the window which means I’d want to have the window double pained (I think that’s what it’s called). It’s where they basically add an insulation to block the outside noise. And moving the bed means we’ll be covering the hole for the air conditioner. These last two summers we’ve managed to make it through with no air in our bedroom yet committing to no air conditioning in the bedroom scares me.

Lots of storage is high on my list of necessities for this work space. I’m about sold on a counter from IKEA but it’s pricy. That’s actually a smaller issue. By bigger issue is that the counter/table I’m looking at is not meant to be used as a desk. It’s a kitchen counter. That mean it would be a bit awkward to pull a chair up. I mostly do crafts standing since oddly I feel I have more control of things but as with my air conditioner issue I’m scared to make a commitment to a table that probably isn’t the most comfortable if I intend to pull a chair up to it. I feel like I’ll have a better sense of things if I tested out the table first but this isn’t the sort of purchase you can test drive.

I’m typing all this out and thinking “clearly I have a commitment issue!” It really shouldn’t be this draining, should it?

If anyone has any thoughts I’d be interested in hearing them. Below is an image from OhJoy!, she has the table I’m really coveting right now but scared of committing to.

image via ohjoy!

image via ohjoy!

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4 Responses to “home decor: craft space”

  1. The Sale Rack Says:

    I hear you! I wish I had a workspace at home!

    I love the counter…how about just using a high stool?

  2. ericka Says:

    funny – I have a big card catalog like that, and my mom has the Ikea table, which I also think would be an ideal “craft supply storage” piece 🙂 why are you afraid to commit to it? it’s a great piece, IMO.

  3. beautifuliving Says:

    Neat, what does your mother use the Ikea table for? I’m very interested to hear how people like it if it’s being used as something other then a kitchen counter.

  4. the desk hunt « Says:

    […] been wanting to purchase a desk for well over a year now. I spoke it about for a hot minute here. Then I had a few life changes that left me reevaluating my needs. I finally took the plunge two […]

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