home decor: we got problems


Hobbs Vase

Hobbs Vase


Hmm, I wonder if I’m missing something. I just purchased this pale green vase. I read the description before purchasing it but clearly not close enough. If you read it you’ll see that it declares the color as white. And yes, the main description references glossy white glaze but I still thought the under color was green. It looks green!

Peeps, is this white or green? Dear gosh tell me it’s green! White will work but I purchased it because it was green.

Whatever, no need to answer that question. I just Googled it to see it on another site and yep… it’s white. Still lovely but not what I had really wanted. Blah!

Description: Plump and modern, the Hobbs vase features a clean, curving silhouette that contrasts its ornately detailed surface. Small round concave “buttons” form a textural all-over surface pattern that has an organic appeal. The glossy white glaze make this piece perfect for any setting, especially modern and streamlined spaces. Use this to display brightly colored flowers such as Gerber daisies or dahlias – the vase and flowers will create the perfect play of colors and textures!

Color: White

Dimensions: 11” diameter x 8” H


5 Responses to “home decor: we got problems”

  1. Megan Says:

    That totally looks green to me. Craziness that it’s really white. Maybe it will look greenish in person? Against a white background, maybe?

  2. beautifuliving Says:

    No, when I saw it on the other site is was totally white. No mistaking it. I’m feeling pretty pissed as this can’t be returned and the only reason I got it was because I loved the green color. WTF?

  3. mrslimestone Says:

    I see why you would think it might be green but there is always a tiny color cast in these kinds of photos. Sorry but it looks white to me 🙂

    PS: I saw your Cake Boss comment. Ive never met him or seen him in any other context aside from the show. Who knows – he might be a jerk. I don’t even love his cakes that much (there are others that excel in pretty cakes more than he does) I just think they seem like a fun family to hang around.

  4. ramada Says:

    its really nice vase – it looked like a celadon green to me at first and then on another scroll white! which is probably what makes it special!

  5. The Sale Rack Says:

    definitely looks minty to me

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