home decor: a pretty bed

I saw this image on Made by Girl via Country Living and I keep mentally obsessing over it. I have a perfectly good headboard that I’d like to replace. But now I’m thinking this is brilliant in the mean time – basically a slip cover for your headboard (and footboard, though I ditched our footboard about three years ago). I think the possibilities are endless and our headboard has a basic rectangular shape so I think this would be easy enough.

My mom’s a sewer but she claims I’m too fussy and will probably refuse to work with me. Mom, it’s called perfection!!

Never mind… I’ll just hire someone BUT how do you find such a person. Help!

image via MadeByGirl via Country Living

image via MadeByGirl via Country Living

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4 Responses to “home decor: a pretty bed”

  1. ramada Says:

    go to the garment district and ask around. i had all my brides maids’ dresses made there. you need to find a “tailor” – they made anything..

  2. The Sale Rack Says:

    i’ve heard this to from a friend of mine in fashion…just bring fabric and measurements and you can have one done at a great price

  3. beautifuliving Says:

    I need to just do this. Thanks for chimming in. Now if I can just get the energy to get down there and the ability to pipe up. I can be such a wall flower in situations like this.

  4. beautifuliving Says:

    Thanks for the tid-bit. I think I’ll do this when I get around to getting more done in the bedroom (oh, and the cash).

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