summer party prep

color selection for a summer party

color selection for a summer party

I’ve mentioned that I live in a co-op, which for non-New Yorkers who might be wondering what that means it’s kinda sorta similar to a condo. Just last week we had our summer party and I was on the Planning Committee. It was fun to organize and even more fun to see our ideas get executed on the big day. We had a pretty small budget that initially gave me heart palpitations. Feeding and boozing up 80+ people is not cheap but I am so proud to say we ended up under budget.

How’d we do it? Our biggest cost savers were everything. As in, cheap décor like balloons. Balloons, really? Well that’s what I thought. As in, yuck (!!) but they actually looked perfect. Our building garden is really beautiful so not much was needed and balloons ended up being a great compliment. We also got yummy (but cheap) wine from Trader Joes. Two buck chuck, people! We did this amazing dessert table that was more then enough yummy goodness for crazy cheap by using a local baker that supplies cakes to restaurants. And for the steal of the century, I found dirt cheap beverage buckets at Bed Bath and Beyond. If you need beverage buckets for a summer party, run and pick these up. They were $5 where as the metal ones were running thirty plus dollars.

I’ll try and post photos from the final event in the next few days but here go some party prep details. Our color scheme was selected for us when we purchased the buckets. Red, yellow and an aqua blue. All the food and dessert was tagged with labels that I put assembled. I’m always a fan of doing this since I myself am rather picky and I like to have something there that tells me what it is I’m selecting from.

buckets from Bed Bath and Beyond

buckets from Bed Bath and Beyond

signs and labels for food

signs and labels for food

 More images soon…

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