craft: a summer purse

Did you know H&M sells infant and toddler clothing? Cause they do and they are super cute and affordable. Plus I have a love for European anything so dressing my son in European inspired clothing is something that makes me laugh and smile. I always get suckered into the low low prices and end up with something funky that has me scratching my head. On our last trip I think I went a bit overboard cause my son has been sporting some wacked out stuff. And not like “that’s cool” we’re talking “OMG, what did I do.” Going forward I’ll need to practice better restraint.

On our recent trip for some H&M toddler clothing I picked up a bag for myself that was $13. I think I must have been having a moment where carrying my fancy purse had me feeling bogged down and frustrated. So I thought, nice summer bag and it’s cheap. Before I knew it I was also holding a fist full of faux flowers that are intended to adorn your hair. They were cheap enough so I got a few and decided to make a craft project out of my goodies.

Well this trip to H&M was about two months ago and I’ve been a bit slow to complete a few different projects. Sunday I decided it was time to get going and made an effort to work on a few things. With a bit of pins and hot glue I came up with this. Despite the flowers having a loud plastic center I do like them.

What do you think of my summer purse? I myself just love the flirty-ness of the flowers. The way the petals curl is simply perfect.

home 620

purse and flowers from h&m

finished purse

finished purse

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2 Responses to “craft: a summer purse”

  1. mrslimestone Says:

    Oh, I love it!

  2. Deirdre Says:

    adorable 🙂

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