recipes for june

Iceboc Cake

Icebox Cake

I recently visited my dear friend Stacie who was gushing over this new recipe she had made – Brown Sugar Meatloaf. I don’t know, something about brown sugar + meatloaf wasn’t wowing me but I could tell she loved it. Then, not really feeling energized to hunt down a recipe for June; I decided my husband really needed Brown Sugar Meatloaf on Father’s Day. How… lazy of me. Well, my lazyness was a good call on my part – he loved it! And yes, I liked it to. My husband kept calling it bar-b-que meatloaf due to the slight sweetness it has. Honestly though, that sounds gross to me. But despite how it sounds, the sweetness wasn’t overwhelming which is what I had feared. It really was yummy. My son refused to eat it but all was not lost, my husband quickly swiped up the pieces my son wouldn’t consume. I do think other kids would like this – just not my kid who is on a food strike.

I did make a few changes to the recipe per the comments. I used one egg rather then two. I used a bit less milk and added a packet of onion soup mix. I did use the full amount of brown sugar even though a lot of commenters suggested cutting back. What I did was place half the brown sugar on the pan and then the other half on top of the loaf. Since I prefer the ends of the meatloaf I made two small loafs rather then one large loaf. It’s pretty easy and not too many ingredients, which is how I prefer things. I will definitely be making this again. 


Brown Sugar Meatloaf

Brown Sugar Meatloaf

Brown Sugar Meatloaf with brown sugar glaze

Brown Sugar Meatloaf with brown sugar glaze


I’m also trying to bake one new recipe a month. A while back I saw a recipe for Icebox Cake in Darby’s blog. I’ve been dreaming about it ever since. So I made it and delicious it was! I highly suggest making this. It’s the perfect summer cake since it doesn’t require any baking and you sever it cold. All you’re really doing is layering chocolate wafers with heavy cream that has been whipped to the consistency of whip cream. Do that about 8 times and put it in the fridge overnight. The next day you have a cake that taste like Oreo goodness. It took my husband 3 days to finish the cake and all I heard him say between bites was “Oreo goodness, Oreo, goodness!” And I myself am not an Oreo fan but I’m a fan of this cake.I styled my cake to this (see my cake above). I did worry that the exposed parts of the wafer might not soften up but they did. This version required 2 boxes of wafers but I used 1.5. I also made extra whipped topping since I wanted a lot. I then shaved a broken wafer over the top to add some visual interest. Pretty, right!

Icebox Cake with Wafer Shavings

Icebox Cake with Wafer Shavings

I know, I’ve been absent. I’ve had a lot on my plate, which makes me think this might be a good segway into a food post. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve set out to cook one new recipe a month. I thought Father’s Day was a perfect opportunity to test out something new.

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3 Responses to “recipes for june”

  1. ericka Says:

    I *love* icebox cookies and that cake – OMG can you send me one NOW? looks amazing.

  2. beautifuliving Says:

    You have to make it. I think this would be a great project for the C. She could help you place the cookies and maybe even spoon the whipped topping.

  3. ramada Says:

    wowsers. these look amazing. i am going to make it! don’t remove the recipe. i will track you down! it reminds me a bit of my salt lick bbq sauce meat loaf!

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