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In the last few months I’ve attended a few events that requested my presence accompanied by an offering (or gift if you will). Now I really enjoy gift giving but I like the act of gift wrapping a bit more. What I absolutely don’t like is that I myself am highly organized but my wrapping supplies are completely unorganized. Living in a New York City 1000 square foot co-op means I don’t have that much stuff but being a bit obsessed with the sport of wrapping I have enough stuff. Did I mention that I live in New York City? Let me translate, I live in a small enough space that at present I can’t keep my supplies all together and – it’s frustrating. Let me explain in depth as this is pretty much the scene every time I wrap something…

Go to master bedroom closet, reach way back there to grab rolls of wrapping paper. If I’m lucky, no articles of clothing will fall. Stand on tippy toes and reach way up there to get a box of ribbons. Uncertain which ribbon I’ll want to use bend over desk and grab the other box of ribbon way down there. Go to master bathroom and grab scissors. Hmm, scissors not there. Go to kitchen and open junk drawer. Grab second pair of scissors after looking through a lot of junk. Go to second bedroom and hunt up there and then down there for a possible box to place the gift in. Empty handed? Start searching all other closets – entry way closet, linen closet… Start man hunt for tap because I can never find the flippin’ tape! Thirty minutes after starting the apartment wide search for wrapping supplies, settle into chair at the dinning room table. Realize the table could use a good wipe down before starting and thus shoot off a few curse words under breath. Once settled begin complaining to self about the poor overhead lighting. Run into the inevitable snafu and excuse yourself to begin searching again in the closet/bathroom/kitchen or other closet where maybe that thing is. Finish wrapping gift. Once done remember you had that cute appliqué that you’ve always wanted to use but can never remember you have since its way under that thing in that other closet.

Seeing all this written out makes me realize there is one plus to all of this – we have a lot of closet space. That isn’t usually the case in New York.

But seriously, every time I wrap a gift this is the scene that plays out in no exaggeration. And no matter how many times this scene plays out I never seem to remember how long the whole process takes and thus find myself scrambling to finish things. And because we have a small child, I can’t leave things out when I’m done. So after the apartment wide search is over and the gift is wrap I have to start the apartment wide “put things back where they belong.” It’s exhausting and frustrating and makes me a bit pissy.

So yeah, my creative juices aren’t at their peek these days. All this has left me feeling less then thrilled with the things that I’ve been wrapping. On another bright side, I’m slowly moving things around in my home so that I can make space for all my supplies to be in one spot. And something I love more then gift wrapping is getting organized.

This is a farewell gift I gave to my cousin. Since I had to travel to another state to deliver it (with a baby and baby supplies) I kept it simple. I love the pairing of aqua and lime green and how the polka dots from the paper are picked up in the ribbon. And the ribbon has wire in it so you can control how it moves. Wired ribbon is quickly becoming my favorite accessory to work with.

home 456

farewell gift with polka dot wrapping and ribbon

home 455

farewell gift, wired ribbon


This gift was for a baby shower. There is something about birds and the birth of a child that just seems like a perfect fit to me. And I loved the colors in this paper and how it allowed me to use a ribbon with pop. I wasn’t entirely thrilled with the end product. I think the ceramic tag is a bit small for the size of the gift but I couldn’t bear the thought of cutting the ribbon off and thus having to trash it to start over so I left things as is. Live and learn.

home 282

gift for baby shower with ceramic tag


Are there any other people reading that get giddy about wrapping paper? I hope I’m not alone in this obsession.

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2 Responses to “crafts: gift wrapping”

  1. Cousin Says:

    thanks again for the gift…love the color. 🙂

  2. thegiftedblog Says:

    Those are adorable! I especially love the bird gift wrap.

    I just started a blog about gift wrapping ( and found yours by surfing the WordPress tags feature. I love gift wrapping, too! I really enjoyed your gift wrapping posts. I’m looking for guest bloggers in the future – let me know if you’d like to share a Wrap Story!


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