home décor: fun weekend project

via soul pretty

home of Pamela Bell featured in NY Times via soul pretty

I imagine this could be a fun weekend project if you’re daring enough. From what I read on this blog the couches owner had the couch upholstered in muslin and then let her daughter (and friends) tag the couch graffiti style. I love graffiti so that probably tells you how I feel about the couch.

Job well done I’d say.

Post edited it add

So I discovered a few more details on the couch. It’s from the home of Pamela Bell, one of the four original partners at Kate Spade. Her home was featured in this NY Time article where it states –

She lived for a few years with her three children and husband (from whom she is now divorced) in a temple to architectural perfection, a trophy penthouse apartment designed by Rogers Marvel Architects above a former music hall on East Fifth Street. But life isn’t perfect, Ms. Bell pointed out, and you can make yourself crazy chasing an antilogy.

This all makes me like the couch even more. To see the full slide show go here. And having seen more images of Ms. Bells home I couldn’t resist posting one more.

home of Pamela Bell via NY Times

home of Pamela Bell via NY Times

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2 Responses to “home décor: fun weekend project”

  1. Liz Says:

    that is interesting…

  2. ramada Says:

    i love it also! i couldn’t even tell it was graffiti!

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