stumbled upon: michael williams

image by Michael Williams

image by Michael Williams

I was doing some serious net surfing for potential color combos in my living room. Yes, I’m embarrassed to admit that I’m still not certain as to what my accent color will be. And that’s how I stumbled on this glammed out photo. Then after checking a few more out I realized that these weren’t real spaces for adults but for miniature people. Yeah… are you soaking that in and thinking, huh? Cause I was.

People, we’re talking miniature people like dolls… as in Barbie dolls (and other dolls but I didn’t read that far to get all the details).

I’m such a complete and total sucker cause now I want to collect doll “things” and take sleek photos. Apparently I have endless amounts of time to cultivate all these projects I think up. And no, I don’t have endless time but for a good ten minutes I was totally sucked into this doll stuff.

image by Michael Williams via flickr

image by Michael Williams via flickr

Check out Michael Williams on flickr at

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