happy birthday to me…

Well, it was my birthday… back in December.

When I was younger I remember my extreme obsession with Swatch watches. We lived in Spain, on the military base, at the height of my fascination. I can still remember walking clear across the base from our home to the BX (BX stands for Base Exchange and it’s a retail store for military families). We would shop there for goods like clothing, jewelry, toys, electronics etc. When I could steal an hour or two I would walk clear across the base so I could peer into the jewelry cases where the watches were lined up. I’d obsess over the Swatch watches and formulate plans to make some money so I could purchase another one. Evidently I owned a few and though I don’t recall all the specifics I do know I had enough that I’d sport two to three at a time. It was the 80’s and even though I was still pretty young I knew enough to know I was in fashion.

Just this weekend I found myself on the west side of town at 72nd street. There’s a small Swatch store that my husband and I popped into. I was there to get my belated birthday gift, a Swatch watch. There back again and well, they ain’t your childhood watches! Carlos, the sales clerk, was sporting two – one on each wrist. I have to admit, I thought the look was pretty hot. Now, I won’t be rushing off to wear all my watches at once but if I was 25 I might have purchased two. Instead I walked away with one fresh summer watch.


watch by Swatch

watch by Swatch


watch by Swatch

watch by Swatch


And a few months back I got a belated birthday gift from Fashion Girl. Not only do I love gifts but I love gifts that are well thought out. You can’t help but feel special when the gift giver takes the time to make sure the gift is something that reflects your interests and personality. So what did I get? Well, Fashion girl gave me a little pink book called The Little Dictionary of Fashion by Christian Dior. And not that I’m the most fashionable person but I do enjoy reading such tidbits. By it being a dictionary of sorts you can pick it up and read things at random, soak in the details and then put it down. I’m finding it to be a lovely read.


The Little Dictionary of Fashion by Christian Dior

The Little Dictionary of Fashion by Christian Dior


And while I was trying to find an image of the books cover I found the book being sold on Overstock.com. I always forget about this site and I really shouldn’t. It seems they have all sorts of fashion books right now from Dior to Channel. Definitely check them out if you’re trying to find goodies to cover your coffee table.

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One Response to “happy birthday to me…”

  1. Cousin Says:

    I do remeber those days real well…I thought you were quite interesting wearing all the swatch watches you owned.
    and I didn’t have any. 🙂

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