goodies from tj maxx

Recently I went to dinner with my dear friend D. Pre motherhood I always enjoyed going out with girlfriends but now that I have a child it’s even more of a celebration when I get out. So much work goes into getting out and figuring the logistics of who’s with your child and what are they doing that you cherish the time that much more. It was fun and nice to have an adult conversation with adult language and just as nice that there wasn’t any apologizing for the use of said adult words. I can sometimes have a pretty naughty mouth and lets just say D can hold her own.

Before dinner I did some browsing shopping. OMG, shopping sans child is such a different experience. I didn’t have to worry about entertaining someone, or dodge people with my stroller. There wasn’t any worrying about is it time to stop and eat, is something being thrown on the floor. It’s relaxing when I’m alone and I get a heck of a lot more done (in half the time). Our bank account was saved by the fact that I knew whatever I got had to be lugged to dinner and then onto the long train ride home so I kept it pretty simple. Check out some of my goodies…

The water bottle is stainless steel by Quench. How adorable is it! Not to mention from TJ Maxx so I didn’t pay the somewhat hefty price tag that I’m seeing online. The mini prep bowls are from Zak! Because they are plastic I like to use them for my sons meals. They seem to be the right size for diced meat, sliced tomatoes and other such things. Of course I’m such the mother now cause there I was without my son, enjoying my time my without my son but shopping for him. But I did get something for me, the cupcake liners. I just loved the colors and I only hope they holds up once I bake with them.

home 500

goodies from TJ Maxx

home 504

fun cupcake holders

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2 Responses to “goodies from tj maxx”

  1. ramada Says:

    i LOVE tj maxx for household goods. its like a flea market of upscale things.. my kitchen is stocked with stuff from them.. when i was in the house mode i used to spend hours stopping by.. alas now who has the time and my place is chocka block with tsotkes, so much so that i should get rid of some things!

  2. Deirdre Says:

    goodness I mad it into the blog.. I should have stopped by here ages ago! just catching up on my weeks of posts that I have missed! 🙂

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