baking up chocolate goodness

I don’t read too many food blogs. I don’t appreciate food enough to really justify the time spent on food blogs. Don’t get me wrong.  I adore food and I love baked goods. Oh, and let’s not forget that I drool with delight over gorgeous images of food that has been perfectly styled BUT I don’t appreciate food like a foodie does.

My other issue with food blogs is that I’m always weary of people who seem to enjoy 90 percent of the new recipes they make. Here’s the thing, I don’t have a sophisticated palette. My palette is – average. My palette likes the occasional Cheesecake Factory or a biscuit from Red Lobster. I live in New York City, a city of great food enormity, and once a year I skip fine dinning and treat myself to some good old Red Lobster or Olive Garden. Not the proudest thing I’ve ever admitted to but both those places can dish out some yummy stuff.

It’s like this, I rarely go visit my parents in Ohio but once when I traveled to see them I told my mother all I wanted to do was hit up fast food joints that we don’t have in New York City. In my real life I’m not a fast food eater but 6 years without an Arby’s Chicken Sandwich and suddenly it can seem like a the best thing on earth. Or Long John Silver’s, I love me some Long John’s chicken. So you see, no sophisticated palette here.

So yes, I have an average palette and I get weary when little old me is content with such types of mass produced food and these foodies are making all these amazing sounding recipes and raving about it but then I go make it and I’m like… Red Lobster would have been better. Ok, I don’t actually say that but if I make a recipe that is being raved about by people who KNOW food and then I’m like it tasted like… um… nothing special then I go on to think how is my crap palette unable to appreciate this. And I do believe that these people know food and it’s clear they love food but I get weary. Eventually my weariness leads to self doubt. I feel a bit crappy that I can’t seem to honestly rave about the things I make yet it take me a whole afternoon to prepare one dish. And so there I sit having spent half a day on a dish that I serve to my husband and think about how I could have done something better with my time.

BUT, one of the few baking/food blog that I do check out regularly is My Baking Addiction. Jamie posts a lot and with photos and commentary and it’s food that is simple enough that I don’t find myself lost. And Jamie does seem to like most of what she makes so I get weary at time but my inner voice tells me she knows what she’s doing and her stuff just IS that great. This all has me wanting to test out a lot of the recipes so – I am.

Recently I made these brownies since in the last two years I’ve discovered that I love brownies. Now, I’ve never made brownies from scratch so I feel a bit thrown. You know how brownies have that top crust that flakes. My brownies didn’t have that; they were dense and thick like cake. They were good but just not brownies like I know brownies or should I say – like a brownie from a box mix. I didn’t add nuts and maybe I needed that to break up the thickness so if I made them again I’d add something. Maybe not nuts but chips of some sort. Now the frosting on the brownie was delicious, just don’t refrigerate too long. I gave them to some new friends that moved into our hood and they seemed to love them… but they are new friends so it’s very possibly they lied. But then again, the husband mentioned them a few times so I’m gonna have to believe he liked them.

I never got a photo of my brownies but here goes a photo of the ones Jamie shared on her blog.


Hershey's Brownies via My Baking Addiction

Hershey's Brownies via My Baking Addiction


And just last week I made this recipe, Black Magic Cake. I made cupcakes rather then a cake and sent them to my husbands job. We both liked the cake and it was pretty simple to make but I think my boxed cakes are pretty darn yummy so I probably wouldn’t just make this to make it. If I were having people over that know a cake from scratch and appreciate a cake from scratch then I’d certainly whip it up. Next time I’d try it with a different frosting… a different frosting might send it over the top and the cake was super moist. So very yummy indeed.


My husband sent me an email from work saying – your cupcakes were a hit! I was over the moon from the complement. Then he forwarded me an email that a coworker had sent. She said –

Rebecca’s Cupcakes are the best I’ve had in a long time!!! And you know I’m a cupcake connoisseur. She should start a business!

O-kay, I think she took it a bit far with that last line but I was on a high after hearing that. And maybe all this just means I should stop being weary and accept that I don’t know good when I taste it. Perhaps all the food bloggers are onto something and I’m just not sophisticated enough to get it but I should trust that they know what they are talking about. Here go two images I took of my Black Magic Cupcakes and frosting.

Chocolate Frosting paired with Black Magic Cake

Chocolate Frosting paired with Black Magic Cake

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2 Responses to “baking up chocolate goodness”

  1. ramada Says:

    so where is the recipe for this black magic cake? or will you be hosting us soonn???

  2. beautifuliving Says:

    You’re so funny. I listed the link.. hover over the word.

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