lists: here we go again


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via Bugs and Fishes by Lupin


It is with much embarrassment that I admit to seriously slacking in my updates. I’m doing a lot these days so lack of topics to discuss isn’t the problem. Case in point, my closet is finished and in fact it’s being lived in but photos haven’t been snapped. Opps! In keeping my annual goals I have continued to test new recipes each month but again, I’ve neglected to take photos a few times. All is not lost, I have documented a few dishes with my camera but I’ve flaked on drafting up a post to mention them. And I’ve even wrapped a few gifts but again, haven’t gotten around to downloading images. Ack!

I need an intervention of sorts, don’t you think? This would make a good To Do List. You know, down the line a bit. See, I can’t even pretend that I’ll get to any of this in the next day or so. In fact, we’re just coming off a long weekend so you’d think I had time but no – I was too busy running my son around town trying my best to bribe him into loving me more then the nanny.

I think a list is in order. Things I need to do in here:

  1. Post an update on my closet
  2. Post an update on dished I’ve cooked/baked
  3. Post on gift wrapping
  4. Post an update on some deliriously cute things I’ve recently spotted

And there are also projects I want to tackle. Like…

  1. Visiting with my friend Stacey
  2. Hunting down some vintage stamps
  3. Finding and possible purchasing a bird cage
  4. Finding a calligrapher
  5. Figuring out a suitable organization system for my craft supplies
  6. Making another crepe paper flower

I’m giving myself 30 days to do as much as I can. If anyone else is working on a tall order of a To Do List I’d be interested to hear. Or, if you have help to offer on my own list I’m all ears.



One Response to “lists: here we go again”

  1. mrslimestone Says:

    Hi – Thanks for posting at my blog. The tiles around my fireplace are original. Not really that attractive when seen up close but since they been here 100 years, I didn’t have the heart to replace them. Hope that helps!

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