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Our new nanny started last week and she is phenomenal. I know, I know – it’s much too early to make such a declaration but she is. In fact, she’s so phenomenal that my dear son cries when my husband and I arrive home. It is clear to us that this is a case of him really really liking her and not about disliking her. And yes, it’s clear to us that he is not crying over some enormous joy regarding the arrival of his beloved parents. No, it is much too clear that this isn’t the case. He cries because our arrival signals that the phenomenal nanny must be leaving. Her day with him is over.

See, she IS phenomenal. My son apparently loves her more then his parents. See, phenomenal!

What more could a loving mother ask for from her nanny? A nanny so phenomenal that her child cries at the thought of her departure.

O-kay, on some level it sucks! There, I said it. The nanny is phenomenal and now my child cries when I come home because this other person (who he is clearly having more fun with) isn’t a 24-hour permanent fixture at our residence. BUT, I will hold onto the humor in all of this and keep believing that it will get better. It will work out. At some point Graycen will come to his senses and realize how enthusiastic he should be upon my arrival home. And yes, at this point my focus is all on me and getting my son to once again realize how much he adores ME. My husband can take up this matter with our son on his own time.

And I’m not above bribery. Lets see, perhaps a nice cold Coca Cola will turn him around. I don’t believe in serving such things to an 18 month old but if that’s what it takes to get a smile out of my son when I come home next week, then so be it. And thank goodness for that upcoming payday. I’m saving for some décor stuff but perhaps a trip to the toy store IS in our near future. Whatever it is, I’m not above doing it.

See, this is going to work out! Believe me.

While on the topic of nannies and me I should also mention that I stayed home from work one day last week. I like to stick around and observe things when we start with a new person. But I’m not the hovering type. I stick around, explain things, chitchat for a while but then vanish frequently. To be around but not around can be very telling. I find it a great way to soak things in. But, all that vanishing also meant I got some much needed me time. I decided I wouldn’t spend that time cleaning or organizing. It was to be about me. I rarely do that but I do deserve it. So, I emailed dear friends that I’ve been out of touch with for much too long. I painted my nails, which I haven’t done in ages. Chanel nail colour 73, violette. I cancelled a few subscriptions that I was wasting money on and I also began reading a book I’ve wanted to delve into for much too long. It was a good day indeed.

I bought my Chanel polish a good four or five years ago. I’d show you this magnificent color but it seems they don’t sell it anymore. It’s a perfect steely violet metallic color. And Chanel polish, though a bit pricey, is truly lovely. It has a perfectly smooth consistency that glides on. It doesn’t bubble, dries quickly and as you can see – it’s long lasting. After all this time my bottle of polish hasn’t gooped up or dried out.

Here go two summer colors that I think would look pretty hot with a perfect summer tan. 


limited edition chanel polish via nieman marcus

limited edition chanel polish via nieman marcuslimited edition chanel nail polish in feu du russie


limited edition nail polish by chanel, color feu du russie

limited edition nail polish by chanel, color feu du russie

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