words to live by

DVF: superfly pants in white

DVF: superfly pants in white


DVF: hazelle top in venitian sun

DVF: hazelle top in venitian sun

I love quotes, I always have. Since a young age my life has been shaped and changed by snippets of words I’ve heard. And I know this may sound a bit outlandish but my world, my life, has been enriched by so many quotes that I have taken in, absorbed and went on to live by.

My love of quotes means I also collect them. Not in a fancy way. No decretive sheets of paper in lacquered frames with meaningful thoughts are hanging on my walls. My collection of quotes is made up of little scraps of faded paper filled with inspirational words and phrases. The reason being, in most cases I hear something great and as I can feel the magnitude of those words I frantically grab at anything I can scribble on. A receipt, a Stick-It note, the envelope of recently received junk mail. Sometimes I later rewrite the quote in my better, non-scribble, penmanship but often I don’t.

Recently I was doing a mass cleaning and came across several folded up pieces of color paper that were stashed away in a tin pencil holder. As I unfolded each piece I was greeted with quotes that at one time held so much meaning in my life, in the person I wanted to be. They were such a joy to read and in the end I couldn’t part with most of them. So there I sat on my leather stool refolding them and stuffed ‘em right back into my tin pencil holder.

I love when I rediscover such goodness.

Not too long ago I was watching an episode of The City (blush) and I heard Diane von Furstenberg state something so true but often forgotten:

The most important relationship you have in your life is the relationship with yourself because no matter what happens; you will always be with yourself.


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