graycen: home

Graycen on the Hippo, Central Park

Graycen on the Hippo, Central Park

Graycen, Central Park (April 2009)

Graycen, Central Park (April 2009)

All bit unexpected, I’m home today with my son. Our caretaker has decided to pursue another job and will no longer be with us. I got a whole one-day notice. At present I am at home scrabbling to figure out who my son will be hanging it with come Monday. Meanwhile, my husband is in Vegas having what I hope is an amazing time. And perhaps his vacation will be “extend” to some time at home with Graycen next week. As unexpected as this is, I fully believe everything will work out.

I think later today we’ll go on the hunt to discover a new playground.

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2 Responses to “graycen: home”

  1. Frederic B. Says:

    Graycen is an amazing baby. He lights up the room whenever he enters. He brings a smile to the world and captivates people with his presence.

    He is truly wonderful!


  2. The Sale Rack Says:

    oh my gosh he is the cutest!

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