crafts: flowers and gift tags

I feel like my presence in here has been absent. I’ve been busy, busy living life. And well, for that I won’t apologize. Right now life is busy, good, beautiful. I’m fortunate.

As you can see from my previous post I’ve been busy writing notes to friends and family. As much as I enjoy sending snail mail I don’t do it nearly enough. And well, I like to savor my stationary in the way I like to savor my wrapping paper. As much delight as I receive from sending off a lovely note card I take just as much joy and pleasure in keeping my stash plentiful; hidden in boxes at the bottom of my closet.

And my weekends are also filled with Graycen. At present, we’ve been scouring the city for the best playgrounds. To see the smile on his face when we first arrive to a new spot brings me more joy then I ever knew existed. When I’m not busy with my little guy I am off, enjoying my time with good friends. I’ve been doing a lot of that as well. Hanging out, laughing, having a drink (or two).

May is quickly filling up with appointments that include more of the same – love notes, hunts for the perfect playground and time with good friends. Yes, I’m fortunate.

A few weeks back my lovely friend hosted a baby shower. She asked me to bring a floral arrangement and sadly the shower was the morning of my first floral class so I wasn’t able to utilize any special skills that I might have went on to learn. In fact, I made a big mistake with my arrangement that I solved in my class later that evening.

The only guidance my friend provided me with was that the color scheme was bright turquoise, espresso and yellow. How gorgeous is that? In fact, I think I will tuck these colors away for a later appearance but I digress. Instantly I knew I would need yellow flowers and picked up some lovely tulips at the market. I assembled my arrangement that evening and the morning of the shower I woke up to tulips that were big and wide. They had completely opened up. The perfect dome I had formed the flowers into had shifted and everything was off. The flowers were big and beautiful but I hadn’t wanted them to open up that big. I was disappointed and dumbfounded as to what went wrong. Well I figured it out at my floral class that evening. My house was too warm and the heat caused my flowers to bloom. For your viewing pleasure:

yellow tulips
yellow tulips

Lesson learned: If you need to open your flowers quickly, use warm water in your arrangement. Or, put them in a warm place. If you want your flowers to stay a bit more closed, keep them cool. This may be obvious to others but it wasn’t to me.

I also made tags to hang from the favors that were being given out. The theme was travel and when I found a clip art image of vintage luggage I was in love. Would you not agree? (image below)

I doubt I need to say this but it’s always fun to have an excuse to whip out my crafting supplies.

gift label
gift label

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3 Responses to “crafts: flowers and gift tags”

  1. Megan Says:

    Ooh, I am loving that color combo. I never would have thought to put that together, but it is so pretty.

  2. Cousin Says:

    Did you take the picture of the flowers? Where did you take the picture.
    I love the photo and the angle it was taken in and the lighting…I do like the arrangement as well

  3. beautifuliving Says:

    Yes, I took the picture. I think it’s one of those things called luck. 🙂 I took about 10 photos and one of them just happen to come out beautifully. I wish I could call it skills but truth be told it wasn’t. As much as I want to be a better photographer I just don’t have the patience to really lean about photography.

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