hats off

In keeping with tradition, this weekend was a bit hectic. Makes me wonder when will life be simple again? 

image from 5 Napkin Burger

image from 5 Napkin Burger


Image from 5 Napkin Burger

Image from 5 Napkin Burger

Friday I had a nice leisure morning in the house with my son. In the late afternoon we headed out to the Central Park playgrounds but before that he let me start work on the glitter stripes in my walk in closet. People I am so happy I made the last minute addition! All I can say is that I’m so feelin’ them. By late day we popped into my husbands job and then had dinner at 5 Napkin Burger in Hells Kitchen. I had heard great things about this restaurant but never actually sought it out. Then there we were puttering around town when we stumbled upon the street corner where this restaurant is located. So, it seemed like the perfect place for dinner – and it was. If you want an amazing classic burger while eating at a spunky local hot spot then go here. The joint is almost too cool for kids… well it probably is too cool for kids but my son is pretty fabulous so he fit right in to the New York scene. Two drinks each (water for this kid) and two burgers later we made our way to the subway and headed home.

Saturday we installed the Elfa closet system. It was easy enough but what the sales lady told us would be a 2 hour job turned into a 10 hour circus act that included a 2 hour search for the lost instructions, lots of naughty words, arguing, a trip by my husband to the hardware store (in the rain) and a lot of scratches to my once beautifully freshly painted walls. It wasn’t fun BUT the closet is so pretty now! Clearly I need to make a lot of touch-up’s and then move things back in but I am so happy to have most of this project behind me. Photos to come soon!

At 9pm Saturday night I began making my hat for the Easter Parade. Not what I had planned but it came together and I was more then happy with the rush job. I am once again vowing that next year we will go all out. We’ll see how that pans out next April.

For those interested, here go some images from this years Bonnet Festival/Easter Parade.

Off to the Easter Parade, 2009

Off to the Easter Parade, 2009


Graycen with his birdie hat

Graycen with his birdie hat

Close-up of my hat

Close-up of my hat

2009 Easter Parade

2009 Easter Parade

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4 Responses to “hats off”

  1. Cousin Says:

    luv the suite your wearing cuz…stylin!
    very nice hats… 🙂

  2. Truly Smitten Says:

    You’re hilarious! had a real laugh out loud moment after I read your comment =)

  3. mrslimestone Says:

    I love my Elfa but whoever told you it was going to take 2 hours to install must be high on crack!!

  4. a subway ride « Says:

    […] you spot the blue bird in the photo’s above? Hint, you can see it here for a better idea of it’s […]

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