happy easter

This year I was a bit late to getting into the Easter Basket mode but once I did I got all excited. And boy, was it hard not to hand over the goods before Sunday… but I held off. In the end it was a total flop. Kids are funny like that. Graycen took one look at the basket and pretty much rolled his eyes. At least he would have if he knew how to. And then we “hid” a few eggs. As in, we left them out in plain sight for our son to “find.” Some were filled with money and a few with candy. Well, my adorable kid walked right by them like he could care less. He finally “found” one about 7pm this evening and then upon opening it up he threw the candy on the floor and stomped off. But the highlight was when he decided to chomp on one of the crayons. So glad I made the purchase.

Maybe next year will be better? Or maybe next year mommy will skip the basket and eggs!

Graycen's Easter Basket

Graycen's Easter Basket

Crayola Beginnings - Bath Crayons and Washable Paint

Crayola Beginnings - Bath Crayons and Washable Paint

Graycen's First Easter Basket

Graycen's First Easter Basket

That a boy, go for the pink one!

That a boy, go for the pink one!





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3 Responses to “happy easter”

  1. Truly Smitten Says:

    Hey! Thanks for your follow up on my blog about the MS twine!!! I LOVED that color combo twine too! And I really enjoy reading your blog =)

  2. Deirdre Says:

    don’t give up! he will be more into it next year.. o was eh last year and this year she was soooo excited and announced later the easter bunny didn’t do a good job hiding.. that they were too easy to find 🙂

  3. beautifuliving Says:

    Yeah but O is so much older then Graycen. It will probably be another two years before he gets that wide eye look over goodies in a basket. Nothing like wasting away your money on a moody child.

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