eggs, baskets and hats

Image from Martha Stewart Living

Image from Martha Stewart Living

Ack, Easter is almost here!

I’m getting more and more excited since this year Graycen will be getting a little ol’ basket. I debated about this since at 17 months he has no clue what’s going on but my desire to start traditions has won out. I then proceeded to spend way too much on goodies. Unfortunately toys cost more then candy and we aren’t candy giving kind of parents (at least not yet). So this week its been like a mini-Birthday Bash going on in our place. Slowly packages have been arriving and every day I’m tempted to skip Easter and just hand the goods over. It’s so hard for me to practice patience and wait for Sunday to arrive. Clearly I’m the one having all the fun at this point but… well, it’s fun!

If you are following along on the production of my Easter hats for the Bonnet Festival I am sad to report only one hat is complete. It’s two days until Easter and I still need to craft an entire hat from scratch while also figuring out how to attach a bird to my sons head. Cause… lets be real here, Graycen will not be wearing a full on Easter hat. At 17 months old it just wouldn’t go over well with him. Ideally Easter should be tantrum free, no? And he still has no pants to wear which is sort of important, right? If I have to dig something out of his closet it will be disastrous since he’s been sporting mostly high waters these days. What can I say folks, motherhood is a lot of work.

Well, I have tomorrow off from work so I’m going to try and do something fun with my son. If I don’t get back in here before Sunday – have a Happy Easter if you celebrate.

Before getting out of here I want to drop this off. I’m not a knitter but how cute are these from The Purl Bee.

via Purl Bee

via Purl Bee


via Purl Bee

via Purl Bee

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