more on gift wrapping

I’ve been having a blast with getting a bit more creative with my gift-wrapping though I don’t know; it’s possible all my ideas are a bit lost on the recipients. I can’t tell. Its been fun but maybe I need to go back to the basic pretty paper paired with gorgeous ribbon. Cause lets me real.. a lot of the fun is in getting an “ohh, pretty!” comment versus “oh?”

A few weeks back we went to a going away party. Our friends were moving to London and shortly after having them over for cake and Champagne we trekked down to the West Village to bid them farewell. I decided to wrap their gift in a way that reflected their move to a new home. I once again used kraft paper to wrap the gift since it makes me think of boxes. I used a paint chip as my card and secured it to the gift with electrical tape. Clever, no? If I had more time I probably would have played around with things a bit more but it was a crazy weekend and I literally wrapped this 10 minutes before going out the door.

Farwell gift using Kraft paper, a paint chip and electrical tape

Farwell gift using Kraft paper, a paint chip and electrical tape

On Friday I finally got my act together and presented Fred with his much awaited birthday gift. He is going to Las Vegas next month for a boy’s weekend. Now I know I previously mentioned this and it still holds true. I have a hard time busting out the fancy paper and ribbon for my husband since I know the good stuff is lost on him. So I kept it simple with a plain white box. If you recall anything I said in this post then you’ll understand that I’ve already told him he’ll have to give back the box so I can use it on a future gift to someone else. Aren’t I classy! But as I was saying… my gift to him was a box of singles so he can play some slots and do some tipping in Vegas (waiters bellhop, room service, stripers – you now, those folks) and thus I decided to use travel as my guide. I then wrapped the box in butchers twine and secured it with a simple sticker that reflected my theme.


Gift to my husband

Gift to my husband

Gift wrapped with bakers twin and sealed with sticker

Gift wrapped with bakers twin eand sealed with sticker

Same gift, different view point

Same gift, different view point

Inside the actual gift - money!

Inside the actual gift - money!

I’m pretty happy with both gifts but I do miss whipping out the fancy stuff.

A few weeks back I wrote about a gift that I gave a dear friend for her baby shower. In that post my friend Sand from Sandbox Dids asked me how I attached the baby booties to the gift. Well, it took me a long while to figure out but it was rather simple in the end. The booties were attached to each other by a cute green safety pin that also attached a tag that included designer details. I ended up re-attaching the tag with the same safety pin to the bottom of the booties. I then applied double sided tap to the tag that was now on the sole of one bootie and voila – the booties were secured to the gift with no visible tape or ribbon. That same safety pin attached the booties to each other making them both attached to the gift.


2 Responses to “more on gift wrapping”

  1. Truly Smitten Says:

    ooh! where did you find the lovely blue + brown twine???

  2. Sand Says:

    That was an excellent gift! And being a less is more type girl, i’m a fan of the wrapping.

    Thanks for the explanation…duh, double stick tape! I love this blog. Makes me want to go buy presents just to wrap them!

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