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April 3, 2009

Image by Phyllis Asher

Image by Phyllis Asher

I have a lot that needs to get done this weekend. Our hats for the Bonnet Festival are not complete. As in, I’m not even half way done and Easter is one weekend away. I’d also like to start painting my closet but I haven’t even made it to the store to purchase the paint. And I’m now wondering if maybe I should do stripes on one wall. You know, in glitter! Now I know that might be sounding a bit off but in my head it looks gorgeous. I guess it just matters how I feel after painting the initial top coat and how much energy I have left. But it is a closet and a great place to execute some of the ideas that I have but won’t be using in other parts of my home. I also need to get and wrap my husbands birthday gift… for the birthday he celebrated some 20 days ago. At some point I had to do better then three bags of potato chips. I’d also like to try a new recipe and hang some photos.

There’s more but who’s to say I’ll even get this far on the list. I do hope to pop in later this weekend but if I don’t then you know what I’m doing.