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I think perhaps my home is best described as a Design Evolution. It will be three years this summer that we have lived here and even though things are still unfinished I feel content with where we are. It’s been a slow process with many style changes but I’m most happy with the direction I am headed in at present. For the first time I have a clear sense of where I am tying to go and it feels good to have reached this place. I have ideas that need execution and to even be able to say that is proof that we’re forging ahead.

Late last year it finally hit me that so much was unfinished. I quickly started selling things on Craig’s List to rally up funds. With the money we collected I was able to purchase curtain rods for our Living Room. Shortly after we found the most ideal curtains; they were tedious to iron but my mother was generous enough to take on the task. I took down my photo collection that I had mounted to the wall a year earlier and replaced it was a large canvas print. I stumbled upon the image while drooling over a friends nursery. I couldn’t stop salivating when I saw it so my friend finally told me it was from Ikea and encouraged me to get it.

I still have a corner that needs filling up but right now that’s Graycen’s spot so it will be a while before anything other then toys are spilling out of the nook. I’d also like to change out the dinning room table. I wasn’t a fan of round tables when we made the purchase and two years later it hasn’t grown on me. It will do for now but in the next year (or two) I hope we can replace it with something a bit more rustic. I would then like to pair it with chairs on one side and a custom upholstered bench on the opposite side. I’m thinking a fun bright pattern that really makes a statement.

But these are all ideas that will take a while to execute.

These images (below) don’t highlight the areas I need help on. The biggest one being what do with my walls. They need more stuff. I don’t really have anywhere to show off purchases so I think I need shelves though I’m not entirely sold on the idea. Plus, I don’t actually own anything that needs showing off. It’s more like shelves would require me making a purchase to get things to show off. Other ideas are a possible plate collection, art work or a mirror. My friend told me I needed a mirror and ever since I’ve been sold. What she didn’t tell me was how hard it would be to find a mirror that I would like and how much money a nice mirror was going to set me back.

And an accent color. I need to get moving on this. With the addition of grey drapes and the large black and white print our living room has started to look a bit bleak. I really need to start working on bringing in pops of interest with an accent color. The problem is, I’m still bouncing back and forth between yellow and granny apple green. I am most in love with yellow but I’m starting to feel like it will become dated. And with the green, well I’ve been dreaming about it for so long that I don’t think it will ever be dated in my mind. At this point I think it’s just a matter of me stumbling upon my first purchase in either of those colors and then running with it.


main living space in its current state

main living space in its current state




dinning "room"

dinning "room"


5 Responses to “home decor: living space”

  1. Sand Says:

    hm, I might :need: that print. Its the closest i’ll ever get to living there.

    I adore your place. The colors make me swoon and I personally think the amount of “things” you have is perfect. Though I agree an accent color would give you some pop.

  2. beautifuliving Says:

    Aww, thanks. The color combo we ended up with just sort of came about but I’m very happy with it. When the light gets better I’ll have to take a photo of another wall… where out TV is. It looks bare and I’m not certain how to go about adding things.

  3. Deirdre Says:

    the place looks awesome! I love the print! you are never ever seeing my crappy place! 🙂

  4. ramada Says:

    ok. honestly maybe i’m being too into typical combos but i don’t like the green. it changes the story from grey/red to grey/red/green and its confusing. I think maybe something “cold” colored would do better.. like a silver/pearl or a robin’s egg blue; actually if you want to jonathan adlerish mustard yellow but i can’t see it..

  5. home decor: color settled « Says:

    […] back and forth on an accent color for my living room.  Like when I babbled about it here and here. I’ve talked about yellow a lot. It’s a bright and happy color that I wanted to […]

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