lists revisited

Martha Strewarts Attic Craft Room

Martha Strewarts Attic Craft Room


I declared February Get Stuff Done Month and that didn’t entirely happen. So I took a second stab at it and declared March the Official-Official Get Stuff Done Month and here we are, half way through the month, and not much has gotten done. Apparently I’m not very good at this stuff.

However, I have spent a considerable amount of time in my kitchen baking and whipping things together. You’d almost think I didn’t have a nutritionist whom I report my calorie intake to. And if you knew anything about Ms. Jen-The-Nutritionist then you’d know that life is only beautiful when she isn’t wagging her finger in your face with a “tisk-tisk” motion. But the cake was so deliriously delicious. The frosting was yummy and the cookies weren’t too shabby. I don’t regret any of it. Take that, Jen!

So while I’m on a bit of a sugar high I think I’ll try and tackle some of those things on my Get Stuff Done list. In the next 30 days I need to:

– hang photos in the hallway
– order replacement images as needed
– fix blemish on wallpaper
– paint closet & install shelving unit
– declutter magazine box next to my bed stand
– sell baby items on Craigslist

None of that sounds fun or exciting but I’m realizing there is so much I want to do yet just as much stuff undone. So before spending money on more projects I think I need to finish a few. Anyone want to join me on this little adventure? Show me your list and tell me what you need to finish.

Martha Stewarts Craft Room

Martha Stewarts Craft Room



more of Martha Strewarts Craft Room

more of Martha Strewarts Craft Room

 Back in January I did a post called Lists. As conscious as I am that there is more for me to do it’s easy to get lost in the rat race. I wish it were a bit more effortless but I’m not there yet. And as the energy and excitement of a new year, and a new start, escape me I find I need even more reinforcement to keep plugging away at the things that matter. I am bigger then the life that I am leading. I need to remember that.

Here is where I stand on a few things from that post:

Personal Wellbeing
4. Host a gathering
This month we hosted our dear friends Andrea, Glenn and baby Ben for cake and Champaign. We never actually drank the Champaign because we were too busy sipping on mango margaritas. Nonetheless, it was so much fun to have the company. We met this couple during a special time in our lives and I am so grateful to have had their friendship and company over the past two years. They are moving at the end of the month to London and we will miss them dearly.

6. Teach my son good manors
We’re working on this and making some progress. Mr. Graycen has learned to give hugs. Now technically this may not seem like a reflection of good manors but when he goes to visit Stinky Grandma* it will definitely be in good manors that he extends her a hug.

On the topic of hugs I must share this story. When baby Ben, who is 16 months, came to visit Graycen decided he (Ben) needed a hug. He was relentless and followed after Ben for a decent amount of time. Around the cocktail table, under the dinner table, down the hall. It didn’t matter, Ben wanted no part of it. Now Ben is faster and bigger but that didn’t stop our Sparkly Graycen. Finally Ben turned around and gave Graycen a little shove. I even think Graycen took a spill but that didn’t stop him. He got right back up and proceeded to torment Ben a bit more. Graycen was determined to give Ben a hug and he finally won out when Ben was strapped into his stroller. Graycen went in for his hug.. Ben let out a little scream, kicked his legs and then they left. And with that Graycen cried. It’s for certain, we’re going to miss that Ben.

*Footnote: If you don’t find the Stinky Grandma comment funny then you probably take life a bit too seriously. Loosen up and laugh. Life is Beautiful.

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2 Responses to “lists revisited”

  1. Scrap Box Says:

    Wow! what a room and how better organized

  2. Stacie Says:

    My short-term list

    -Find new bedding for master bedroom
    -Help my sister sell baby items
    -Create an asymmetrical photo display in entry way
    -Start working on baby memory books for baby #1, although baby#2 is approaching her first birthday

    On Martha’s Room . . .
    I wonder if all my projects would be organized if I had the Martha craft room? Probably not.
    While you may not have the large space, you are just as organized as Martha with your crafts.

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