a cake party

We had some dear friends over for cake this month. As we discussed the details of the day Andrea expressed a great interest in American cakes topped with yummy frosting. She’s from New Zealand and apparently hasn’t perfected her Betty Crocker cakes. I love me some box cake mix so a date was set for Farwell Cake and Champaign. Then my imagination began to run a bit over the top. My visions of what to create got a bit out of hand. I wanted something that made a statement and showed how much we have appreciated their friendship. I ended up making two batches of cake that resulted in four gorgeous layers of chocolate yumminess. To top it off I made Buttercream Dream frosting which is a recipe that I discovered about two years ago. It is scrumptious on its own but once you pair it with a chocolate cake it’s delirious. The recipe yields a pretty large batch of frosting and in the past I’ve had a considerable amount left over. Having made two batches of cake that wasn’t the case and I found myself short on frosting as well as time. That meant I had to scratch all thoughts of piping a pretty design. The end result was homemade and rustic however the taste did not disappoint.

Now, I’m almost too embarrassed to post an image after having shared photos of creations by the Cake Girls. And I wish I had taken a photo of the cake once cut but I sent a good amount home with our guests and the rest was quickly whisked off to the home of our friends two floors above us. Ms. Jen-The-Nutritionist wasn’t too fond of me making a cake but I assured her that after one slice I would remove all traces of cake from home. And I did.

Chocolate cake with buttercream frosting

Chocolate cake with buttercream frosting


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3 Responses to “a cake party”

  1. Megan Says:

    Oh, that looks yummy. Now I am craving chocolate cake…. Lovely photograph, too – I love the color contrast with the b&w behind it.

  2. more on gift wrapping « Says:

    […] to a going away party. Our friends were moving to London and shortly after having them over for cake and Champagne we trekked down to the West Village to bid them farewell. I decided to wrap their gift in a way […]

  3. The Sale Rack Says:

    love that stand…have seen some at fishes eddy but they are expensive…you know any affordable options?

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