a baby shower gift

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending my friends’ baby shower. The shower was held in the home of her dear friend and let’s just say – the space was stunning! Every detail, every object was perfect and scrumptious. To say that I felt like I had walked into the photo shoot of a fashionable home magazine is an understatement.

It was also lovely to catch up with a few girlfriends. I had such a grand time chatting about silly things and sipping on yummy cocktails. I had several glasses of this really beautiful drink. I don’t recall a thing that was in it… something, something and gin, I think? I just know it had this lovely pear green color and tasted like such a treat. In fact, such a treat that I must of had four during the span of the two hour party. Oh, boy!

Lets see, you know you’ve had too many drinks when you look through your images from the party and see photos of the persons’ bathtub. I mean, yes it was a gorgeous bathtub but what was I thinking?

When I go to wrap a gift I tend to look over my collection of wrapping paper and grab something fitting. However, in this case I knew I wanted something a bit more personal. The right word is escaping me but I wanted something that looked effortless. I love the simple clean look of butcher paper and twin so I decided to go a similar route using Kraft paper. In the end I had a few problems. The Kraft paper must have been industrial strength and I ended up needing to use packaging tape. Don’t worry, I was clever enough to hide its ugliness. Then after wrapping the gift I realized I had left an item out. I didn’t have enough paper to re-wrap and there was no way I was breaking through the packaging tape so I showed up to the shower with most (but not all) of my gift. My last dilemma that stumped me for a good half hour was how was I going to secure the baby booties to my box. To my relief I finally figured it out but I was sweating over that one. The end result was lovely. Not perfect, not exactly as I had envisioned… but lovely nonetheless.

If you have any nifty thoughts on wrapping or clever ideas I’d love to hear them.

Shower Gift: Bootie Close-up
Shower Gift: Bootie Close-up
Shower Gift

Shower Gift


3 Responses to “a baby shower gift”

  1. Sand Says:

    lovey. are you going to spill how you attached them and then spill where you got them!!!

  2. The Sale Rack Says:

    what a cute idea!

  3. more on gift wrapping « Says:

    […] few weeks back I wrote about a gift that I gave a dear friend for her baby shower. In that post my friend Sand from Sandbox Dids asked me how I attached the baby booties to the […]

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