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I’m sleepy and cranky. My lovely son slept in our sleeping quarters last night due to a leak in his own room. Apparently it thrills him to see me while in his own bed, which was moved to our room, so he spent the wee hours marching back and forth in his crib while giggling. When the amusement of that activity wore off he began pulling at my covers. Eventually he discovered that there were body parts under the covers and began ever so gently tapping my feet. Only one person in our room was amused and it wasn’t me. I’m guessing here but I don’t think it was my husband either. So yes, I’m a bit moody today since four hours of sleep is simply not enough. In fact, it’s down right misery when you are already suffering from a weekend of crap sleep.

But work with me here as I do have something a bit more enjoyable to speak on.

I’ve been noticing these beautifully feminine Liz Claiborne ads all over the city. They seem to be popping up everywhere and as I stood at the bus depot early this morning they were a great joy to see on the passing busses. The ads are color filled and evoke feelings of happiness while also seeming to give nod to a past era. I’ve been seeing these ads for a few weeks but this morning I was finally moved enough to google details behind the campaign. Well, it was such a delight to see that Isaac Mizrahi has been brought in as creative director.

In February the New York Times featured an article written by Stephanie Rosenbloom. In it, Stephanie writes:

The women in the advertisements span five decades – from a 19-year-old photography major at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York to a 68-year-old who works at a Jewish day school – and only one is a professional model. […]

The women in the advertisements are not actors, but friends and acquaintances of people involved with the campaign. […]

What the women in the advertising campaign have in common, and what Liz Claiborne is hoping resonates with consumers, is what the company’s executives call “perpetual 35-ness” – in other words, the notion that in most women’s minds (if not their bodies), they are all 35. That is the age, Mizrahi said, when women are “perfectly ripe”: old enough to feel independent and confident…

I just love that – perfectly ripe. If you are here in the city I highly suggest keeping your eyes open for these cheerful ads. And for some interactive fun be sure to click on the first image. It takes you to the Liz Claiborne site where you will find the same image but the ability to click on the faux models and read their stories.

Liz Claiborne Spring 09 Ad Campaign, Photographer Arthur Elgort

Liz Claiborne Spring 09 Ad Campaign, Photographer Arthur Elgort

Can you spot Isaac in the ad? Oh, and to see cheeky behind the scene photos visit Isaac’s blog.

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2 Responses to “spring ads”

  1. ramada Says:

    this campaign caught my eye too – i actually thought it was kate spade at first it was so stylish

  2. beautifuliving Says:

    Isn’t it such a great ad. Just this week I saw new ones go up. I’m really diggin’ it.

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