fashion: pretty heals

I love high heals. I don’t wear them very often but I love them. Before moving to New York you couldn’t get them off my feet. Now, I know that doesn’t entirely make sense. So I move to the land of fashion, designer everything, Carrie Bradshaw, Manolo and that’s when I decide to stop wearing heals? Huh!

Ok, ok.. I should explain. For me, wearing heals was much more enjoyable when I owned a car. You know, when I could drive myself within a few feet of my college campus, or my boyfriends dorm room or heck – the church steps. When I didn’t have to trek 10 blocks in the snow… or the rain. When I wasn’t skipping over dog poop or when “getting out” didn’t require me walking up flights and flights of stairs… and then down flights and flights of stairs. When I didn’t have to take a train during rush hour while occasionally being jolted forward and backwards into strangers. Sometimes yucky strangers.

Instead, comfort won out and I rarely wear heals these days. I see ladies all around me doing it and I applaud them. And the truth is, I want to be that girl with blistered up feet, in pain, sporting band-aids along with a pair of fabulous heals. I mean, I’d rather have the fabulous shoes on my feet without the blisters and the pain but you get what I’m saying, right? I see others who wear the comfy shoes and then do a switch up when they arrive to their destination. Sometimes I do that, too. But not often. It seems that in my early 30’s Beautiful Living has come to mean comfortable feet covered in a simple black flat.

Well these shoes *almost* make me want to be that other woman. The one who sucks it for the sake of looking good and throws on her heals while hitting the streets. With dark wash jeans these would be gorgeous.

from Elizabeth Messina, photographer

via Elizabeth Messina, photographer

I can’t tell who makes them. Any ideas?

And I will add, in an effort to add more beauty to my life I am searching for the perfect black kitten heals. Something in a peep toe would be ideal. And if I’m not already asking for too much I’d prefer wide for more comfy. If you’ve seen this perfect shoe please direct me to them.

Image from photographer Elizabeth Messina. Source of shoes unknown.

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4 Responses to “fashion: pretty heals”

  1. Megan Says:

    Oh my God, I freaking LOVE those. I am sitting here coveting…I hope you find out who makes them!

  2. Liz (cubbear) Says:

    those are some awesome heels!

    i’m like that as well – want to wear heels again 🙂

  3. beautifuliving Says:

    This is when we need that person who is a pro at finding everything and anything via google.

  4. ramada Says:

    looks italian or french..its so hard to find the perfect red shoes. i would say these are them! suede is a special touch.. maybe christian lacroix?

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