home decor: closet paint

Happy Presidents Day to those who celebrate!

My husband and I just finished having cocktails in the kitchen, which is much needed when listening to CD’s of children’s music and rhymes. Why are the songs always so dreadful? Not that it matters since the cocktails managed to make it all bearable and amusing. I am now “paying bills” which translates to popping into my blog. Please don’t tell my husband about this fib. Though I must run soon as we are headed out to a local lounge for more drinks while socializing with our neighbors. Votes for the co-op board are coming up so there is much to discuss.

I wanted to mention that I did some painting this weekend that didn’t come out too well. Today I repainted with much better results. Also, colors for my closet have weighed heavily on my mind this weekend. Don’t shoot me but I’m thinking pink. My friend Parker suggested red and when I think cherry red I’m completely intrigued but on the other hand I don’t want a dark color. I’d love to do a plum but again, too dark. So I’m thinking the palest of pinks. I even tested a swatch this weekend but I’m not sold. I need to think about this one a bit more though I’d like to start on the project mid March.

I found this lovely image while searching pink over the weekend. The fact that there is yellow in the room has me smitten.

via Domino Magazine

via Domino Magazine



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3 Responses to “home decor: closet paint”

  1. Laura Says:

    Gorgeous, Rebecca! I love canopy beds. Don’t think I could ever talk my husband into pink, but lovely just the same.

  2. parker Says:

    Cute! You have to post pics…

  3. ashley Says:

    I like pink for a closet. I’m actually thinking of painting our sunroom super pale ballet slipper pink when it becomes my office… I *never* thought I’d see the day that any room in my house, no matter how small, would be pink! 🙂

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