craft: valentine’s day

Happy Valentine’s Day!

As I write this a piece of Graycen’s heart is in the mail to a few very lucky loved ones. Earlier this week we mailed out cards for Valentine’s Day.

I have a bit of a weakness for stationary and paper products. Shortly after Graycen’s birth I purchased some stickers with the saying this belongs to Graycen. Logically my newborn was not in need of stickers proclaiming his ownership but my weakness got the best of me. A year later and I think we’ve used.. oh, none of them. In an effort to finally put them to use these stickers become the center of Graycen’s cards. I attached them to paper and then cut out heart shapes making sure to keep the part that said – this belongs to Graycen. I attached ribbon to each heart so that recipients can hang at their leisure. Each heart was then attached to a hand written note and sent out in lovely pink envelopes. I neglected to take photos of the finished product but these images give you a sense of what we ended up with.

Getting ready to craft.

Getting ready to craft.



Getting help from Graycen.

Getting help from Graycen.



Graycen's Heart

Graycen's Heart

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