home decor: walk in closet & paint

Yesterday we purchased an Elfa closet system from the Container Store. My husband swears we can install this together, as a team. For the record, we don’t install anything together. We did that with our Crate&Barrel entertainment center. At the end of that process I was contemplating divorce court. I fully admit to having morphed into another person and saying bad bad things to myself and my husband. Thank goodness we didn’t have a child then – I was just really pregnant. It was horrible and in the end I wanted to not only divorce my husband but myself! Yet, my husband says we can do this… well, what he really said was “You can yell at me for two hours if that means we’ll save the installation fee. I can take it.” I’m still contemplating this one.

This is similar to what we purchased. We went with the same birch wood but with platinum shelving.

Elfa Closet System from Container Store

Elfa Closet System from Container Store


Now I’m wondering about paint colors. I mean, if I’m going to be removing our current shelving and every thing else that’s in there then why not paint? It’s a closet so almost any thing is game, right? It should somehow work with our bedroom which is painted a charcoal grey. Still, I’m willing to consider most anything. Ideas?

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4 Responses to “home decor: walk in closet & paint”

  1. parker Says:

    In keeping with your previous posts, what about bright yellow? I agree that you might as well paint while it’s empty!

    Oh, and we just got the Elfa system for one of our closets and my husband his father installed it. It didn’t seem too painful…

  2. beautifuliving Says:

    You know I thought about that… and maybe that’s what I’ll do. I’m in need of purchasing some yellow paint to go on the door frame and I’ll have a lot left over. On the other hand, the thought of going with some crazy yet beautiful color that I might not ever find a way to use *in* my home is tempting. I mean, my closet is my home but it’s a closet and not many people will ever see it. I sort of feel like it doesn’t have to match my home in the same way I want my hallway or bathroom to match.

    Do you love the Elfa system? Or wish you had gotten a certain feature you didn’t? I’m certain this sounds silly but I feel like it will transform my life.

  3. parker Says:

    We have Elfa in our master BR (from the previous owners) and just added it to the nursery.

    I really like the mesh baskets that slide in/out. But I am NOT OCD, esp. about organization, so I like that I can jam all my random accessories (headbands, clutches, etc.) into a drawer and know they are there. Now I am probably giving you hives. 😉

    the other color I thought would be nice in your charcoal room might be something like a deep (blood) red? a good contrast with the birch/white shelving, too, right?

  4. Cousin Says:

    I am in agreement…My first thought was yellow…yellow…yellow.
    But in honor of valentines day I like the bold red idea with the charcoal

    Maybe you should look at what is the main color of your clothing and what will be in the closet and blend with that theme.??

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