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home decor: walk in closet & paint

February 9, 2009

Yesterday we purchased an Elfa closet system from the Container Store. My husband swears we can install this together, as a team. For the record, we don’t install anything together. We did that with our Crate&Barrel entertainment center. At the end of that process I was contemplating divorce court. I fully admit to having morphed into another person and saying bad bad things to myself and my husband. Thank goodness we didn’t have a child then – I was just really pregnant. It was horrible and in the end I wanted to not only divorce my husband but myself! Yet, my husband says we can do this… well, what he really said was “You can yell at me for two hours if that means we’ll save the installation fee. I can take it.” I’m still contemplating this one.

This is similar to what we purchased. We went with the same birch wood but with platinum shelving.

Elfa Closet System from Container Store

Elfa Closet System from Container Store


Now I’m wondering about paint colors. I mean, if I’m going to be removing our current shelving and every thing else that’s in there then why not paint? It’s a closet so almost any thing is game, right? It should somehow work with our bedroom which is painted a charcoal grey. Still, I’m willing to consider most anything. Ideas?


project 101: 30 photos in 30 days

February 9, 2009

I enjoy taking photos for fun. I don’t possess any great talent. In fact, I don’t even own a fancy camera or pricey lens. I believe a truly good photographer can take an amazing photo with a cheap disposable. Thus, I continue working with the crap that I already have and cross my fingers that something great eventually develops.

A few years back I got wrapped up in doing the project: 101 Things To Do In 1001 Days. I highly recommend the project even though I never finished my own. One of my tasks to conquer was taking 30 images in 30 days. I started the project a few times and always failed after the first week. Then I decided to document in photos our IVF process. My 30 day project, which started in January of 2007, turned into 53 days of images. After a few ups and downs we cycled in February of that year. It’s hard to believe it’s been two years this month.

When I look back now at those photos, I can look at any one of those 53 images and know exactly what was happening that day. That experience forever changed my life. We were fortunate to be successful upon our first cycle and were blessed with Graycen in October of that same year.

Some of those photos are probably not appropriate for this space but here go some of my favorite images that I think are acceptable to share. None are award winning but I still find them meaningful and beautiful.

Florist across from pharmacy.

January 13, 2007: Florist across from pharmacy.

Early morning cab ride.

January 20, 2007: Early morning cab ride.February 13, 2007: Down time.

Yet another cab ride to the doctors office. Park Ave.

February 23, 2007: Yet another cab ride to the doctors office. Park Ave.

Nearing the end of one of my best journeys.

February 26, 2007: Nearing the end of one of my best journeys.


My sons first photo. Three days after conception.

March 3, 2007: My sons first photo. Three days after conception.

As I mentioned, I never completed my list of 101 things. Only about 10 tasks ever got finished. Many are outdated now but I’m still plugging away at a few.

5. Have a baby.
13. Take a photo every day for one month.