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When I travel between my home and work I have the option to take either the subway or the city bus. I often choose the bus. It adds fifteen minutes to my travel time, which is something my husband snubs his nose at. I don’t mind. I like the laziness of the commute. It seems like the fitting way to end a hectic day. I like knowing that I can usually get a seat. I like the fact that I am dropped off one block from my home. I like traveling through the city streets and peering into the store front windows. Basically, it works for me.

As my bus makes its way up First Avenue there is one store in particular that I’ve been eyeing. It has been vacant for a short period of time. I believe the previous owners sold rugs though I’m not certain since nothing about the place ever caught my eye. Just recently the store reopened as a Chinese Antique Store. I don’t know how “antique” the pieces really are but its been fun to see the collections rotate. Just recently, perhaps as a way to drum up business, the owners have begun to display items on the sidewalk. That’s how I spotted the most divine yellow table. The color seemed new and bright and fresh but the table itself was a bit distressed. To me, it was perfect. I stared at that table for days, wanting it. Then a few days later the yellow table was replaced with a green one. This new table was lovely but not divine. It didn’t tug at me like the yellow one had.

I’ve always been drawn to bursts of color. In my home I like modern and simple and clean. These days I’m also trying to add a bit of fun to our living environment. I want my home to be a fun place where my son can grow and play. I want a home that makes him smile. Up until this point I was sold on incorporating citrus green into our homes décor as an accent color. I was fully committed after having waffled back and forth between that and a lollypop red. I have been flip-flopping for well over a year on this matter and I am finally at that point where I just want to do and stop thinking. So when I saw the bright yellow table, as much as I loved it I pushed the thought of owning it out of my head. Then this week I am flipping through the pages of a West Elm catalogue when, on page 39, I spot a yellow birdcage. My thoughts on the current birdcage trend are another post but I will fully confess to wanting one for décor purposes in my home. More specific, I want *that* birdcage.. and I want bright happy yellow in my home. I guess you can say that the sighting had made me reconsider my commitment to citrus green. As I proclaimed below, I have fallen in love with yellow. It’s that sappy I-can’t-live-without-you love. It’s a love that I hadn’t experienced with the citrus green or the lollipop red. I mostly feel confident in this choice though maybe it‘s too soon? That’s my inner voice that likes to waffle and over analyze. BUT, it is just an accent color. I can change my mind if it isn’t the success I envision, right?

So… perhaps it’s time to do some shopping.

West Elm Catalogue - Yellow Birdcage
West Elm Catalogue – Yellow Birdcage


This is a great inspiration image. Grey is a dominate color in my home and in many ways the grey walls remind me of our carpet. The photo below was featured in Domino magazine.

Image from Domino magazine - Jenny Lyons

Image from Domino magazine - Jenny Lyons


This is such a great use of yellow and that perfect burst of fun that I’m looking for.

Image from Living Etc. magazine

Image from Living Etc. magazine


A fun yellow chair that I came across in my search for inspiration.

Image from Flickr - User lp-c

Image from Flickr - User lp-c

Tell me, do you like it? Honest answers prefered and no, I don’t think you can change my mind even if you tell me it’s dreadful.

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3 Responses to “more on yellow”

  1. Lindsey Says:

    I love the yellow accents, it brings a great warmth, especially if you decorate with gray. Country Living actually has a slideshow on yellow accents, which made me think of you:

  2. beautifuliving Says:

    Great Lindsey, now you have me wanting more things I never knew I needed. 🙂 But seriously, thanks for the link. I adore the pillow.

  3. home decor: color settled « Says:

    […] been bouncing back and forth on an accent color for my living room.  Like when I babbled about it here and here. I’ve talked about yellow a lot. It’s a bright and happy color that I wanted […]

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