spotted: an eye sore revisited

The traffic on my way into work on Friday’s is always light. Even though I leave my home at the same time every day, I always get into work early on Friday’s. Sure, I could sleep in a bit longer and leave a tad later but ten more minutes of sleep seems like such a tease. Instead I’ve learned to just go with the flow. This past Friday I was so ahead of schedule I decided to get off the bus a few stops too soon and snap some photos. Here’s the eyesore of a display at the Louis Vuitton store. It hasn’t grown on me. Neon lights? Come on!

Is it just me not feeling this? 

LV Store Front

LV Store Front


LV Store Front, Take Two

LV Store Front, Take Two


On a much brighter note, right now my head is swarming with new ideas for an accent color in my home. This is a bit scary as I’ve flip flopped on this for a while. Usually I go back and forth between two different colors. I’m now onto color idea THREE. I’m thinking bright pops of yellow. I’ll try and get back in here this week to talk this out and maybe post some images.

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