spotted: shower cap

This summer my mother and I vacationed in the Florida Keys. One night, in our room, my mother says to me that she could really use a new shower cap. It was a comment out of left field but I made a mental note.

This past December my dear friend Stacie and I celebrated our birthdays by shopping and drinking. As our shopping excursion progressed we quickly gravitated towards Fifth Avenue. Then there at Fifth and 56th we made a stop. Amidst the holiday crowds we found ourselves scurrying into Henri Bendel’s.* We were there on a mission to find the perfect mascara. As we waited (and waited) for a salesperson I studied a nearby table filled with a random collection of stuff. I would have stared at the cosmetics but the Kevyn Aucoin makeup counter that we stood by was rather dismal. Instead, I inspected the goods at this table and it didn’t take long before I stumbled upon a shower cap. An adorable Henri Bendel chocolate brown and bright white-stripped shower cap. It had a vintage appeal with ruffled edging that was inscribed HB. I simply loved it and promptly returned a few days later to purchase two. Thus my mother and I are now owners of the Centennial Stripe Shower Cap.

First created more than 100 years ago by Mr. Henri Bendel himself for his clients’ ocean-liner voyages, Bendel’s signature cosmetic bags and travel accessories are favored around the world by models, makeup artists and jet setters. Add a touch of signature style to your daily routine with our protective shower cap. Durable, waterproof printed vinyl in signature brown and white stripes. Elasticized edge for a secure fit. HB graphic print lining and trim. Comes with a drawstring fabric storage pouch. One size fits most.

As a gracious blogger I asked my son if he would model this beauty for my blog readers. He’s 15 months and did manage to babble back some response. I took that babbling to be a yes and ran with it. Well, my brilliant idea was apparently his worst nightmare.** Look for yourself.

Oh, the misery.

Oh, the misery.

.. and then it got worse

.. and then it got worse


before it got better.

before it got better.


*Henri Bendel, New York’s legendary Fifth Avenue boutique, is a Girls’ Playground for trendsetting young women from around the world. Or, so the store itself says. 

**Mom, if you are reading this. Please do not call me to insinuate it was in poor judgment to ask Graycen for his assistance in modeling the shower cap. I am certain he had a good time. As should you be, it’s written all over his face. – xoxo, Rebecca

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One Response to “spotted: shower cap”

  1. Michele Says:

    Gosh, he looks so cute when he’s miserable!! Love the blog! SO much pretty in one place.

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