spotted: an eye sore

Every weekday morning on my way into work I ride crosstown on the city bus. On most mornings the streets are barely populated and the sunlight hasn’t fully made her presence. Often the storefront windows are freshly cleaned and the window washers can be seen packing up. It is during this time that I do my best window-shopping. As the bus travels east to west I take in each new display. I haven’t figured out how often they change so when a new display is up it’s like receiving a surprise present. It’s a joy to witness and I tend to get most excited when we near 5th Avenue – for obvious reasons of course. But, for the past week, maybe two, I have been witnessing an eyesore. Really, it’s horrible! Now I may offend someone with this statement but I’m putting it out there. Two things that do not go together – a $1,300 Louis Vuitton bag and glow in the dark paint. Ugh. This day glow is a big no go for me.

LV Speedy Bag - Stephen Sprouse

LV Speedy Bag - Stephen Sprouse


Since this blog is about Beautiful Living I’ll leave you with something a bit more alluring. Louis Vuitton featuring Madonna. Now this is a bag (and an ad) I can stare at all day.

Madonna in Louis Vuitton Ad

Madonna in Louis Vuitton Ad

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3 Responses to “spotted: an eye sore”

  1. Sand Says:

    My eyes!! What a horrendous bag. Speedy? It needs a speedy trip to the trash shoot.

  2. beautifuliving Says:

    Oh Sand, you never disappoint with the comedy. I love you! If you think that bag stinks, you should see the entire window display they have dedicated to this crap.

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