a new kind of party

My husband and I moved to New York City eight years ago. We were dating at the time. He was chubbier, I was slimmer. For me, the move signified a dream coming true. For my husband, it simply meant he had nothing better do that summer.

We came here with no friends and it has been a slow process in gaining acquaintances. Though let’s face it, forming deep friendships in your adult age isn’t easy. So here we were, big city, bright lights, wanting everything for our future. It seemed daring. Exciting. And we dreamed, or probably I dreamed, of being a socialite. Sadly we were far from it. We didn’t have connections or glamorous clothes. Heck, we didn’t have much money and that is sort of essential when leading the party life in New York City. To make up for what we lacked we started hosting the most fabulous soirées in our apartment. The catch.. we were the only two people in attendance. I’m sure it sounds funny but we never hosted a two person shindig we didn’t enjoy. I’d send my husband out on errands while I transformed the apartment. Then I’d get all dolled up. Clothing selected with much thought and care after which I’d rush to finish whipping up something tasty.

One year, on New Years Day, I remember it being bitter cold and yet I insisted that my husband step out so I could work some magic. We were hosting a party that day and had purchased two bottles of an exclusive bubbly for the occasion. We were so eager to pop open the bottles that our party started at some absurd time like 1pm in the afternoon. I remember inserting a Biggie CD into our broke down radio player just when my husband rang the buzzer. I remember dancing, and laughing, and drinking. I remember great food and more laughing – then that was it!

Around 8pm that same day we both woke up. We had drank a bit too much bubbly. So much in fact that we both passed out. Neither my husband nor I could remember the rest of the party. It was an awkward conversation. Neither of us knew how the party ended though we did discover some rather comical and telling images on my camera. Even though we’ll never be sure what really happened – we have a clue.

In my last post about lists I said I wanted to celebrate something once a month. In some small way my husband and I want to bring back some of that silliness and enjoyment. On Monday we hosted a pre-inauguration dinner. The theme was America which was carried over into the menu. We had a third attendee this time, our son Graycen. We also skipped the bubbly. Perhaps next time.

Our American Menu

Beer, Brewed in America
Coke Floats with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Potato Chowder with Smoked Vermont Ham
Buttered Corn on the Cob with Black Pepper & Garlic
Slow Cooked Barbeque Beef

Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

Potato Soup made with Vermont Ham

Potato Soup made with Vermont Ham


This soup was made with Yukon Gold Potatoes and Vermont Ham. It was tasty the first night, yummy on the second night and delicious on the third. Next time I might cook a day or two ahead of time. It was also much more chowder like by the third night, which had been my intentions.  

Barbeque Beef from the Slow Cooker

Barbeque Beef from the Slow Cooker

I found this recipe on All Recipes as well. I thought it was tasty. My husband that it was great and seemed to enjoy a bit more then me. 

Buttered Corn with  Black Pepper and Garlic

Buttered Corn with Black Pepper and Garlic

All in all I’ll say it was a nice meal. I had been expected more but it was nice so I should just call it a success.

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2 Responses to “a new kind of party”

  1. Cousin Says:

    How come Corey and I didn’t get invited

  2. the long weekend « Says:

    […] a meal gave it a “really good. ” He was originally undecided if he liked it better then January’s recipes but after much thought he declared that this was better. Ultimately he would be happy if I made any […]

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