spotted: crate&barrel

Just the other day I was flipping through the current Crate&Barrel catalogue when I spotted the Market Tote. It’s a beautiful green – that was my first thought. Then I noticed something even better. I love that this tote has multiple compartments. My initial thought was how useful this would be for mothers and trips to the park, play date’s and so forth. On so many occasions I’ve been out in the company of my husband or my mom or a friend with child. There I am in need of something from the diaper bag but my hands aren’t free. So I try telling some other person, who didn’t pack the bag, where to find that all important item that I need asap. Then there is them: digging and digging. My head spins with a screaming voice “It’s right there.” Instead of verbalizing that I patiently wait and smile while my head keeps spinning. Oh it would be so much easier to say, “The last compartment on the right.” And with six compartments in multiple sizes there’s room for my things as well. A blanket here, a few toys there, wine for mommy, a glass right here and a bottle for the little one over there. Brilliant!

Crate&Barrel - Market Tote

Crate&Barrel - Market Tote


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2 Responses to “spotted: crate&barrel”

  1. Liz (cubbear) Says:

    I have been coveting that C&B bag and my crafter side is – oh I can make one and with the fabric I want – all I need now is a sewing machine.

  2. beautifuliving Says:

    Oh Liz, that’s rather hysterical. See I don’t sew so my inner voice is like.. it’s sorta cheap. Please report back if you ever do make one. I’d love to see a photo (cause you know I just might want to feature it). 😉

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