I use to be co-owner of un belle fete, a boutique event planning business that focused on personalized weddings. My own wedding was pretty spectacular but I’m not sure you’re suppose to toot your own horn in such a way that screams “I think my wedding was fabulous.” I mean, it was (!!) but that’s not the point. I mention this to say that I l-o-v-e parties with pretty eye candy!! My focus is always on the details, those little things that often go over looked. I haven’t hosted anything since my wedding but one day I will and I’m certain I’ll be going all out.

My son recently celebrated his first birthday and we did nothing in terms of a big bash. It was a little sad but the smart thing to do. For the record, I am not a frugal person but my husband and I did make the choice to skip the party.* You know, to save our money while we can. Here’s the thing, it seems a bit unfair to me that one of the biggest birthdays in a child’s life occurs before they are able to comprehend all the hoopla surrounding them. I assure you that we’ll get to it in a few years. The big party that is. I can’t say which birthday it will be but it will surly be when my son can comprehend mommy’s craziness a bit more. When he can look at me with wide eyes and get a bit loopy over all the things that will go into this production – his first party.

This year, all was not lost on my Mr. G’s first birthday. We did purchase the most adorable birthday hat. Mommy loved it, daddy thought it was pretty nifty and Graycen… well he’s one and hates anything we put on his head. He refused to cooperate for photos but with two dedicated adults tag teaming him (and 50 some photos snapped) we got a few usable images. And that’s what it’s all about – the photo. Who cares if mommy was barking orders and if daddy was annoyed and ready to give up. And heck, who cares if Graycen cried. Somehow we I’ve decided it was fun and a big success. See for yourself.

birthday boy

birthday boy


birthday boy take two

birthday boy take two

I found the hat on Etsy. The seller is Golden and I highly recommend checking her out. Her prices are affordable, I paid $16 for this hat. Everything about it is perfect. From the zig-zag stitching to the fluffy pom-pom on top. Hats can be customized with an initial or number. We went with an initial making Graycen’s hat into a keepsake that he can wear for years to come.

*Footnote: As I have assured you, I’m not frugal. My husband, now he IS frugal. Not that there is anything wrong with frugal people. I married one.

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