craft: crepe paper flower

I’m a creative person, which is not to say that I’m imaginative. I’m not good with formulating creative ideas but I do well when it comes to executing crafts and other creative projects.

Last spring while perusing the aisles of Lee’s Art Shop I came across a Martha Stewart kit for making crepe paper flowers. I’ve always loved the fluffiness of a peony so I went ahead and shelled out a few bucks for the kit. This past September I finally made some time to work on my flowers. I hadn’t realized how much tedious work it would be. There was a lot of cutting, some gluing, pulling, wrapping. There were sticky finger pads and one aching back from all the hovering I did. There were bruised knuckles from having to cut 14 flower petals with scissors that were a tad too small. The entire time I kept thinking, “come on, 14 petals?”

Shortly after making my flower* I had a conversation about it with my supervisor at work. We were talking about my love for crafts in general and then with great pride I began to recap my Martha Stewart project. I went on for a while about the peony and how I now have this delightful flower. My supervisor nodded several times as we spoke and then just as I finished talking she said, “why would you ever want a paper flower?” I was rather taken aback by such a question but then I thought about it and I was at a loss for words. Why the hell do I want a paper flower? What had I been thinking! And I’ll admit it. I still don’t know why I want or need paper flowers. It baffles me and in some small way I wonder if paper flowers are a no-no in the way that plastic flowers are tacky. BUT for now I do enjoy looking over at my living room window seal and seeing my peony. There is something about the blush colored crepe paper flower with its sun-burst-yellow center that I find beautiful.

crepe paper peony

crepe paper peony

* Footnote: I only ever made ONE flower. All that cutting was exhausting! Someday I have three more flowers I need to tackle. Well, maybe.

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6 Responses to “craft: crepe paper flower”

  1. Michele Says:

    So of course every project you start turns out beautifully!! The flower looks wonderful (are you making more…maybe you can make crepe flowers to put in those simply stunning Evian bottles…two birds…ones stone…;)

    So glad you started this, can’t wait to keep reading more (and belated Happy Birthday by the way!)


  2. beautifuliving Says:

    Oh no, you don’t get it. This project was a pain in the butt! I really did have a backache when I was done. And it took like 3 hours for me to make that one flower. Crazy! It will be a long time before I consider making the others

    Happy Birthday to you as well.

    Miss you,


  3. Cousin Says:

    You are so much fun! I love your writing style.

    This article made me laugh

  4. amber Says:

    I just made the rose bouquet and the peonies. I found it easier to cut 3 sheets at once. Staple them all to the template and cut. Then by cutting just one sheet of templates you have all the petals you need. I am looking for the paper to buy by itself. Yours is beautiful. You did a great job and you should complete the other 3 sometime.

  5. Deirdre Says:

    its a gorgeous flower! I want to be you!

  6. ramada Says:

    this is beautiful space.. the paper flower is beautiful. if you figure out how to make glass bead flower or something i can put in the bathroom, let me know.. i have some ugly dried flowers now.

    my apartment is now overun with toys. i don’t know if i would say it was beautiful any more. your place looks so serene..

    i love the idea of two of you having a party together. i just go on the internet with my hubby in parallel..

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