drink up

As a young girl I was never into weekend cartoons. When I did watch TV, Saturday mornings were all about fashion shows. I could only find them in the early morning and always on some obscure channel. I’m guessing that’s where I first learned the word couture. The thought of anything custom made fascinated me. To think that something could be tailored to every curve on my body seemed heavenly. That’s when I vowed that one day I’d own something couture. It was that thing, that purchase, that would tell me I had finally made it. I’m not a young girl anymore and my aspirations to own something custom aren’t as dire. Sure, it would be lovely but I wouldn’t call it life fulfilling.

This summer I had to fly unexpectedly to my homeland, Puerto Rico. On the flight over I was pretty consumed but at some point I took notice of the seat pocket in front of me. Squished into the blue leather were several magazines. Being a bit a lot OCD I couldn’t think to touch them. I’m not a germaphobe but something about flights and random belongings always grosses me out. Yet as the flight dragged on I become more and more intrigued. I could see part of a photo on the back cover of that magazine and the image kept whispering my name…. and then I did it. I picked up the magazine and quickly scanned the image. It was beautiful. Before me was an ad for Evian mineral water. The French company had enlisted the services of high-end French fashion designer Christian Lacroix. The creation was simply stunning. A tall slender bottle of water appeared to be draped in luxurious white lace. There was a subtle pop of dazzle-me-red draping the words Evian and Christian Lacroix. I didn’t stare too long but the image had left an impression that stayed with me. A few months later I was strolling the Upper East Side when something caught my eye. Spotted on 3rd between 72nd and 73rd – an entire window at Grace’s Marketplace had been filled with Christian Lacroix Evian bottles. At $10 each I snagged up four.

I’m older now. My Saturday mornings aren’t filled fashion shows or much TV for that matter. These days I’m much more practical. I still don’t have that couture dress and I’m fine with that. What I do have are several limited edition bottles of agua from an iconic designer. And hell, thery’re a better fit displayed gracefully on a mantel in my living room. I’m thinking one day, when we finally drink that fancy water, I’m going to be left with some gorgeous flower vases.  

evian water limited edition 2008

evian water limited edition 2008



evian water limited editon 2008
evian water limited editon 2008
 *Footnote: This year’s limited edition bottles of Evian water are designed by Jean Paul Gaultier. Link provided below. Not as stunning as my Christian Lacroix bottles but beautiful none-the-less.





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6 Responses to “drink up”

  1. Tammy Says:

    Rebecca, your introduction page is great. Good Luck!

    I would like to do a mini- make-over to my apartment by the spring, lived there for 7 years and have not change the antique white paint on the walls. Any ideas, shall I go for light colors, neutral or dark?

    I have large windows so I get a lot of sun light, so maybe light colors would not be such a good idea.

  2. beautifuliving Says:

    Fun challange! Give me two weeks and I’ll see if I can come up with some ideas.


  3. Cousin Says:

    hey, ever since I saw those bottles in your home I loved them….So I ended up buying them right before Christmas… 4 of them…but gave one away to a friend of mine in GA and she was simple amazed. She placed hers in the guest room of her house…(a nice baby blue room with a whote lacy comforter on the bed)…Me on the other hand I have three on the dining room table and I have a husband who keeps asking when can we drink the water… 🙂 I bought the bottles at Target $2.50 a piece…NJ is good for something.

  4. beautifuliving Says:


    Talk about a score! Though I must admit to being a bit envious of your deal. And you know, I’m a bit torn on drinking the water. At some point we will I just don’t know when since we have free, delicious water that comes from our tap. I was debating this with my mother on her last visit and she seems to think I should keep them as is.

    Hmm, think I’m making this more complicated then it needs to be?

    By the way, great gift idea. I think this would also make a good hostess gift if you were going to someone’s home for a dinner party.

  5. ashley Says:

    A new blog! Hooray! I’m very excited to follow along. 🙂 These bottles are absolutely amazing. LOVE them.

  6. Tammy Says:


    Thank you so much for your suggestions regarding colors for my apartment, I love them all except the pink but everything thing else is beautiful.

    The picture of you and Fred is really cute although you are wearing a roller but the picture has some humor to it. nice.

    I am going to start my project early spring and once done I will submit some before and after photos.

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