Welcome to Beautiful Living!

have a seat and stay awhile

have a seat and stay awhile

With the start of a new year come new ideas and fresh starts. This year I am eager to step forth and begin Beautiful Living – a blog detailing all the delightful things that have been buzzing around in my head. In the process I hope to stumble upon new finds from that sumptuous and over the top light fixture to that gorgeous yet affordable stationary.

But fist let me introduce myself. My name is Rebecca and along with my husband we presently own a tiny plot of real estate here in New York City. Two years ago we made our biggest purchase to date and become proud tenants in a co-op. We moved in with nothing and ever since I have been purchasing, decorating and second-guessing myself. A year after we moved came the arrival of Graycen, our son and greatest joy! As all new parents can probably testify, those home purchases and questions of doubt were redirected to buying silly toys and second guessing my parenting choices. Another year has passed and Mr. Graycen is now 14 months old. My attention is once again shifting back to our home and the life that lies ahead of us. I’m once again thinking about paint chips and countertop materials. But being a mother means I am also thinking about smile worthy socks for my son and that play mat which I insist must also compliment my homes style. And so, it began.

Like most girls, there’s a lot that I want and thus I have started to search and research. Inevitably so many of those hunts have left me enjoying someone’s blog. So many are imaginative, clever, gorgeous and idea busting but along the way I have also noticed a trend in that so many have started to look alike. So here I am hoping to bring something different – something beautiful and undiscovered. From home décor to clever craft ideas. From the expensive to the practical. As we step forth, I hope to transform my home from what started as a boring new space to what I hope will be a home I adore. Whatever it may be I assure you that there will be something beautiful about each and ever post.

Happy New Year – here’s to fresh starts and Beautiful Living.



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